Fire Prevention

The Prevention Division strives to be a proactive division with the goal of preventing fires and other hazardous conditions from occurring. The division is under the direction of the Fire Marshal and is commonly referred to as the Fire Marshal’s Office. The division is further staffed with Deputy Fire Marshals, Fire Inspectors, and other technical staff as needed. The Prevention Division also consists of the Department’s Explosive Ordnance Detection Canine.

The division uses the concept of the three “E”s to promote safety throughout the community.

Engineering: Staff conduct construction plan reviews and work with architects, engineers, and building contractors to ensure that the design of new buildings and remodels meet the adopted codes and ordinances of the City.

For more detailed information on plan submittals or opening a business see the Fire Prevention: Engineering section of this site.

 Education: Safety brochures, classes, demonstrations, etc. are offered for civic groups, schools, and businesses within the community. The Department also assists in installing smoke alarms in households that do not have them.

Enforcement: The Prevention Division enforces the City’s adopted fire codes and the laws of the State of Texas. The Fire Prevention Division conducts investigations when fires occur and when complaints are received on fire or life safety hazards. Inspections are conducted of commercial buildings within the community to ensure compliance with the adopted fire code. The division maintains an Explosive Ordnance Detection Canine to further protect the citizens and facilities in the area.

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