About Us

The Port Arthur Fire Department protects a population of approximately 54,000 people. The City covers an area of approximately 144 square miles consisting of 76.9 square land miles and extensive waterways and wetlands. The Fire Department operates out of (7) fire stations serving a mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our department is a fully paid, full-time, civil service fire department with 107 staff; 105 uniformed personnel. The Department has an ISO, (Insurance Services Office), Public Protection Classification, (PPC), of 2.

The Fire Department responds to over 12,000 calls for service each year. There are approximately 150 residential fires and an approximate 175 total structure fires annually. As a registered First Responder organization under the Department of State Health Services, the Fire Department responds to over 6000 emergency medical calls annually. The Department has a number of highly trained and specialized teams. These teams include special activities such as: hazardous materials response; high-angle rescue; confined space rescue; swift and deep water rescue; explosive ordnance detection; and a dive team for emergency underwater rescue or recovery operations.


We protect lives and property by delivering an all-hazard prevention and mitigation service which includes: Fire Prevention and Education, Firefighting, Medical Emergency Patient Care, Technical Rescue, Dive and Water Rescue Operations, hazardous Materials Incident Management, and other services to address threats to our community.


To be an organization that continuously evaluates what we do and how we do it so that we adapt to changes and challenges and thereby better serve the needs of the community.


Consideration: for the public we serve and each other; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.
Quality: a commitment of our talents and energy to produce excellence in the service we provide externally to the public and internally to each other; doing everything as though our individual names were written on it.
Professionalism: mastering our craft through education and training; and applying the mastery gained to the services we deliver.
Pride: a humble, but earned self-respect in our accomplishments.
Honor: through our actions, meriting the esteem of the public and our peers.
Integrity: a commitment to do right, legally and morally.

The Port Arthur Fire Department consists of the following divisions: Administration, Operations, Training, and Prevention.

ADMINISTRATION: The Administration Division is responsible for the goals and objectives, policies and procedures, assigning personnel, budgeting, grants, payroll and oversight of all Department employees. Administration is located at Central Fire Station, 300 Waco Ave. in downtown Port Arthur.

 OPERATIONS: The Operations Division is responsible for providing reliable and efficient emergency services within Port Arthur. Operations is comprised of (7) engine companies and (1) ladder/rescue company; each with (3) paid personnel (Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter). The Operations Division also maintains and operates various marine, underwater rescue, and Hazardous Material response equipment and apparatus. The Operations Division is broken into (3) shifts to provide 24-hour a day protection for the citizens. Each shift is supervised by a Battalion Chief.

TRAINING: The Training Division assures that all uniformed personnel receive the mandated continuing education hours for firefighter certification, hazardous materials training, emergency medical training, and all other specialized training.

PREVENTION: The Fire Prevention Division, also known as the Fire Marshal’s Office, is responsible for conducting fire investigations, fire code enforcement, building inspections, public education, investigating citizen complaints and performing construction and fire protection system plan reviews. Individuals are assigned to the division who hold various certifications such as Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector, Fire Instructor, and Texas Peace Officer.