The Fire Marshal's office in Port Arthur is task with determining where and how fire start, including identifying whether the fire was accidental in cause, an act of nature, or an intentional act, whether reckless or with malice.

There are currently two fire marshals and one arson investigator assigned to the day shift, as well as five arson investigators and one fire investigator who work a rotating shift and who also are assigned to the Suppression division.

If you have any information regarding a fire occurring in Port Arthur, please contact the Fire Marshal's office at:

(409) 983-8739 or (409) 983-8732 or the Arson Hotline (409) 983-8715

ARSON HOTLINE: (409) 983-8715

If you have information regarding a suspect in a fire investigation, you may qualify for up to $1000 dollars in reward money.

When calling the Arson Hotline, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Please state your full name, address, and a phone number for contact so that any reward money due may be processed and delivered to you for the information you provide.
  2. State the names of any suspects and where they may be found. A description of the suspects will be helpful as well.
  3. State any other information which may be helpful during the investigation.
Remember, please leave your name, address, and phone number for us to contact you regarding reward money you are due.