Welcome to
Port Arthur Fire Department

The fire department is committed to providing services for the community which instill a 'safety first' attitude. In addition to responding to emergency situations, we offer educational opportunities in fire prevention, and training for an individual's appropriate reaction to an encounter with a hazard endangering life or property. This includes the use of smoke alarms for early warning of fire; information on portable fire extinguishers {hazard identification, the proper type extinguishers for the hazard, and proper use}; exit drills in the home and stop, drop and roll should your clothes catch fire.

LIFE SAFETY should be the responsibility and focus of everyone!!!

We protect lives and property by delivering an all-hazard prevention and mitigation service which includes: Fire Prevention and Education, Firefighting, Medical Emergency Patient Care, Technical Rescue, Dive and Water Rescue Operations, Hazardous Materials Incident Management, and other services to address threats to our community.