Fire Prevention

The fire prevention division of the fire department is responsible for a variety of disciplines: Engineering: The fire prevention staff work with property owners, architects, engineers, and building contractors through meetings and construction plan reviews to assist in the design of buildings which are meeting adopted codes and meeting safety guidelines; Education: Safety brochures, classes, demonstrations, etc. are offered for civic groups, schools, and businesses within the community; Enforcement: The fire prevention division also conducts investigations when fires occur, when complaints are received on fire or life safety hazards, and during fire safety inspections of commercial buildings within the community. The Division has eight arson investigators and two fire investigators on staff. The division also operates a canine trained in detection of (11) different explosive compounds.

Schedule Fire Inspection Office: 409-983-8737
Schedule Protection System Test Office: 409-983-8737
Mark Mulliner, Fire Marshal Office 409-983-8732
Paul Washburn, Assistant Fire Marshal Office 409-983-8739
Jarrod Brannon, Fire Inspector Office 409-983-8741
Brenda Martin, Prevention Secretary Office 409-983-8737
OFFICE FAX:  409-983-8719   ARSON HOTLINE:  409-983-8715